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Most Asked Questions in Real Estates

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference in rights between a foreign and a Turkish owner?

The Turkish state granted all rights to foreigners when they own a property in Turkey as a Turkish citizen also the government working hard to attract the investors to its lands and thus the title deed is permanent until the property is transferred to the heirs

The shares of the heirs are divided between the husband or wife and the children after deducting 3 percent for the state in most cases

For political reasons, including the principle of reciprocity, there are 4 nationalities that cannot own property in the Turkish state but legally, the investors of these nationalities establish a personal commercial company and own the property in the name of their company registered in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and in this case the investor pays only additional costs such as the costs of establishing the company and its monthly legal expenses.

The Turkish real estate market is one of the most important global markets generating the morning in a real estate cycle of no less than 5 years

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In addition to obtaining real estate residency for ready housing and thus the owner is allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years

Most real estate developers provide an installment payment method for all customers, the first payment and the length of the installment period varies according to the readiness of the property and the offer that the construction company deems appropriate for it. On the other hand, the customer must pay the full amount when choosing a resale property

In the event of cash payment, the customer can obtain the title deed within a maximum period of two days if the seller or the executing company meets all the conditions with the state and has paid all the dues, and in the event of payment in installments, the instrument is granted after the last payment and in some cases the customer is given the instrument before completing the payment with a seizure sign on the remaining amounts

When choosing the right property, the investor pays the deposit amount to seize the property and the developer provides him with sufficient time to send the amount due and during that time the two parties sign copies of the sale contract and thus several hours are sufficient to complete the work

The contract clearly states the fine that must be paid by the party appealing the contract and in the event of cancellation in the first days of the agreement the customer is entitled to recover the full amount of the reservation

When renting the property, there are tax segments that are approved annually by the tax administration, and upon sale the investor must pay a percentage of the profit as an income tax that decreases over the length of the sale period until it ceases after 5 years

When ratifying the contract in Turkish government departments the Turkish language is to be followed with the presence of a sworn translator to re-explain the terms of the contract

Naturally the developers provide contracts in Turkish and English at the sales offices