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Compound Rating: B+

General Information

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2019-05-01 / Ready Cash


Project Location

It is located in the Kadikoy area in the Asian section of Istanbul and is surrounded in the Asian section of Istanbul and surrounded in the sküdar, Atasehir and Maltepe regions, and it directly overlooks the Marmara Sea, located in its marine origin, and its proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden's Tower, the flowers of a distinct vital, central area that tourists always enjoy .

Project features

The project consists of two residential buildings, one with a height of 15 floors and the other, which is lower with a total of 7 floors, and was built on a land of 10,000 square meters, and there are shops in the project within a commercial mall open to the outside with an area of ​​6,500 square meters.
The residential project contains options from the 86 apartments, where there are apartments starting from a one-bedroom apartment with salon 1 + 1 and up to a four and a half bedrooms apartment model with a 4.5 + 1 salon.

The project is characterized by the diversity of the view, as most of the apartments contain a view of the sea, forest, city, and the project area is an area surrounded by many hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers and near many means of transportation such as the metro, metrobus and ferries.
The project features apartments equipped with a smart home system, a variety of transportation and shops for well-known brands such as Macro center, Emirgan Sütiş, Starbucks, and all apartments are equipped with a smart home management system, where the home system can be managed remotely in addition to a fingerprint system.


Rooms Min Area Max Area Bathrooms Balconies Car Stops Min Price Max Price
3.5+1 205 205 2 1 1 6643000 TL 8574809 TL
4.5+1 251 254 2 1 1 8016982 TL 9667591 TL


  • Children Playground
  • GYM
  • swimming pool
  • Shopping Stores
  • Security
  • Green Area
  • Parking
  • Central Heating
  • Cinema
  • Elevator
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Football Playground
  • Tennis Playground
  • Sea View


Place Distance Place Distance Place Distance
  Mosque 1 km   University 5 km   Garden 2 km
  School 2 km   Hospital 3 km   Government Building 3 km
  SEA 1 km   Forest 1 km   Bank 2 km
  Supermarket 1 km   Restaurant and Cafe 2 km   ATM 2 km
  Mall 2 km

Public Facilities

Place Distance Place Distance Place Distance
  Metro 3 km   City Center 3 km   Bus Station 3 km
  Metrobus 4 km   Istanbul Airport 40 km   Sabiha Airport 35 km
  Bosphorus 10 km   Tram 3 km