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Encouraging Destination For Real Estate Investment


Encouraging Destination For Real Estate Investment

Encouraging Destination For Real Estate Investment

08/10/2020  /
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Why do foreign investors choose Turkey?
Turkey has been attracting the attention of international investors for some time for good reason

Turkey hosts the headquarters of many foreign companies and it attracts businessmen from all over the world with its geopolitical location. The country is surrounded by the sea on three sides and it as a bridge between two continents. Logistics services are very convenient here and as a result, Turkey is the transportation hub in the region

Depending on industrialization and economic growth, the number of developed cities increased rapidly. Urbanization in Turkey is not only beneficial to the real estate but it also supports the local market with production, services provided and high quality in addition to agreements and incentives from the state.

To encourage investors and protect their rights, Turkey has put in place regulations in the Foreign Direct Investment Law. With the new implementation, local and foreign investors enjoy the same rights. Tax exemptions also attract investors perhaps this is what increased the investor's enthusiasm and his appetite to invest in Turkey because it provides a suitable environment for investment and residence.

Perhaps the role of our company is to properly select real estate projects suitable for housing and investment, which brings comfort to the customer

Investing in Turkey is considered a window overlooking future horizons, as many investors have succeeded in several investments in Turkey, achieved high profits, and the volume of their business doubled and increased , which led to the emergence of investment entities from Turkey to the fields of the world.