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Beylikduzu Municipality


Beylikduzu Municipality

Beylikduzu Municipality

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The History of Beylikduzu Municipality

The Greeks settled Beylikduzu from Byzantium in the second century AD as an agricultural village, and later it became a popular resort and this situation continued after the fall of Constantinople on the Ottoman Empire, and the area was referred to as the garden "in the late Ottoman period, and after the founding of the Turkish Republic was called" Kavakli. " Relative to the large number of poplar trees, which is the name that was used until 2003, and the modern name means "the plains of Belek".

Beylikduzu Municipality

Many moved to Beylikduzu, where its population was about 3,000 in the early 1990s and became 350,000 by 2018, since the area's population consists mostly of immigrants from other regions of Istanbul in Turkey, Beylikduzu is a relatively newly established city, it has acquired The municipality has a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers without having any social classes.

Beylikduzu's popularity has increased dramatically in the past few years and the region has become a hot spot for residential and commercial investments, as it has the highest rapid increase in the value of land and real estate in Turkey, making its investors richer in a very short time, this municipality was one of the few municipalities in Turkey, that switched from the Turkish Justice and Development Party to the CHP in 2014

The Modern Part of Istanbul

Beylikduzu is the modern part of Istanbul that is improving more every day, and now its attracted in a large project due to its structure, and witnessing new luxury projects, and the attraction is also increasing with its proximity to Ataturk Airport in abundance, Beylikduzu is the home of shopping malls in Istanbul and one of the best shopping sites in Turkey, also referred to as "AVM cumhuriyeti" (or shopping republic in English).

Istanbul Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is one of the most cosmopolitan regions in Istanbul, and therefore it hosts mosaics of different cultures from Turkey with people from other countries, Beylikduzu is identical to European cities with its green spaces, where the green area is more than 10 m² per person in it.

Trees are planted on nearly every street and avenue at an equal distance; This made the entire neighborhood an open-air museum, and construction of the botanical garden in the huge valley between Adnan Kahwaji and Al-Jumhuriya continues.

The municipality enjoys a good reputation among neighboring municipalities for its success in organizing its neighborhoods in the best way and caring for green spaces, as it provided an elegant family atmosphere, which made it serve the destinations of investors and those looking for housing and a place to live for their families.

The General Climate of the Municipality

The average annual temperature of sea water is 14.4 degrees Celsius, and the average annual precipitation is 54.2 mm, the lowest level in August and the highest level in December, and the strongest winds in the municipality are in December, and the highest snowfall is 60 cm.

And since Beylikduzu is located at an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level, it is low in humidity and winds more than other central areas in Istanbul, and the municipality is also famous for its clean and dry air, and winter tends to be more in Beylikduzu compared to the city-center areas. Because Beylikduzu is surrounded by trees, the change of seasons in Beylikduzu offers a wonderful visual show to its residents.

Beylikduzu Extension

Beylikduzu municipality's borders extend along the E5 highway, which is one of the most important transportation lines in Istanbul, and along the express bus stations, and this means that Majidkoy can be easily reached to the Asian side of the city and this saves a lot of time and effort at the same time.

In addition to the subway line that passes through the municipality, which the state is working to connect in 2024, the municipality contains many different activities, which makes it suitable for all family members, and has many well-known shopping centers in addition to many varied options for schools, universities and some of the most important hospitals in the city.

Municipality Advantages

Simply, the municipality of Beylikduzu has many sports and public centers that provide ease of drawing and message boats in the marina, the magnificent marina is managed by the largest yacht marina in European Istanbul and many restaurants and cafes that enrich life throughout the day, in addition to the ferry terminal that travelers can access in the Bosphorus and even other cities overlooking the Marmara Sea, such as Yalova, Bursa and the Valley of Life.

It is the largest public park in the West Canal area on an area of ​​1200 square meters of the highway to the sea of ​​10.000 tree crafts of 500 species of plants, many restaurants, cafes and walking paths.

It covers an area of ​​315 thousand people on an area of ​​360 km and its bordered on the east by the municipality of Avcilar and on the north by the highway, the municipality of Esenyurt and on the side by the municipality of Buyukcekmece, while the southern side extends along the coast of Marmara Sea with a length of 14 km, where the largest Marina village in Europe was established.

It was established in cooperation with the municipality and the most famous developers to provide various housing options to satisfy all tastes with a modern spirit and will be equipped with everything needed for daily life such as: a huge hypermarket, a shopping center, a school, and the university, and all these advantages will be waiting for you and your family members in Beylikduzu municipality.

Certainly, our team will always be ready to advise and guide our new partners to get everything they want, and all the love and respect for all of our customers, and we are waiting for your visit to see you soon.