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Turk Property Solutions

Turk Property Solutions relies on a professional team with long experience in the real estate market, starting from normal resold offers directly from the owner to the latest and most prestigious complexes all over Turkey especially Istanbul.

Turk Property Solutions primary goal is to ensure mutual cooperation between all partners which would strengthen the relationship based on trust and continuity.

These strong ties are not limited to real estate work only but also continue to include instructions and advises to provide our partners all correct and credible information to help them to integrate into their new life in a more flexible way.

The essence of Turk Property Solutions team’s plan is to provide all clients with the necessary real estate advice in a way that preserves their rights and clearly clarifies their duties away from focusing on profitable real estate marketing only.




Easily Online Deal

The company’s management handles remote purchase matters professionally, explaining and detailing all that is necessary for the customer about the property and even the surrounding area to cover all the details that the customer may need as if he had made a personal visit to the project

Reliable Real Estate Management

Our company will provide all the necessary services to customers after receiving the key in coordination between clients, cleaning companies, furnishings, and even interior design if the customer wants to make any modification in cooperation with the specialized engineers and then find the right customer such as renting or even reselling in a way that suits the customer’s plan

Complete The Purchase Process

Our staff will checks all the points in the contract and explains them with all transparency to the client in addition to extracting the tax number and opening a bank account for the client if he needs in addition to all things that makes the process easier for our partners


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